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 brianspookygallaghers asked: "Father's day at Melody's school"

"Come on dad!" Melody wrapped her whole hand around his pointer finger dragging him into her classroom. The room was filled with second graders in their desks and their father lining the walls.

Melody slid to her desk as Derek stood behind her. Mrs. Kenny stood in front of the class smiling at all the visitors. “I am so happy that all of you took off from work to join us today.” Mrs. Kenny began. “Before I get ahead of myself, I would like to wish you all a very happy father’s day. Now, as for the kids. They have each written a poem to you and as a public speaking assignment, they will read it in front of the class. Do we have any volunteers to go first?”

Melody’s hand shot up, making Derek smile uncontrollably. “Melody, you may go first.” Mrs. Kenny walked to the side of the room to give Melody the floor. Melody grabbed a folded up piece of paper and skipped to the front of the class.

She unfolded the paper and pushed her blonde hair from her face. Derek realized now, just how similar Melody’s mannerisms are to her mothers. Melody cleared her throat. 

"My dad is the best dad in the ever,

even though his jokes aren’t very clever.

He always knows how to make me smile,

especially when he thinks he has good style.

But dad, what I really wanted to say,

was I love you and happy fathers day.”

The class clapped and Melody ran into Derek’s arms. “I love you Melly.” Derek hugged her tight.